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Synergy Bulletins
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Tail Thrust Bearing Issues

Some kits have been shipped with incorrect thrust bearings. The thrust bearings in the tail rotor grip may not be the correct size. The outer most race that has the smaller inner diameter is supposed to also have a smaller outer diameter. This will allow it to spin freely in the blade grip. However, some kits may have a 10mm OD on this race causing it to be a press fit into the grip. This could cause the grip to bind and cause tail hunting or poor tail response.

The solution is to simply file the ID of this race until it slide into the tail grip with no force. It will not take much. Simply reduce the diameter to 9.8mm. The easiest way to do this is to find a pencil with a rub eraser on one end. Push the race over the eraser and use the pencil as a hold. Using a grinder file the OD of the race while spinning the pencil. You do not have to take off much material.

I recommend you check this bearing at your earliest convenience. You must remove the tail grip to check this. You will probably not notice any binding of the tail while on the bench. It will only bind under load during flight.

Torque Tube Parts

Some of the collars and coupler in the torque tube have incorrectly sized set screws. If you find these sets screws to be loose, please contact us immediately and we will send you replacements.

Fan Hub Alignment

Alignment of the fan hub can be a challenge on this kit. I have found that the collets are not the best I have seen. If you take your time you can usually get the hub within a thou but it does take a lot of trial and error.

We have recently brought in HyperHubs from HyperPerformance RC. These hubs are much easier to install and have almost no run out. They can be found here:

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